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RD Carburetor Kits - 34MM Mikunis

These carburators are all supplied with custom-made cables and jetting specifications derived from our extensive racing program.

34MM carborators are suitable only for the extensively modified RD. WIth stock reed cages, on fully modified engines only, dyno testing has demonstrated increases in power above 9000 RPM, although full throttle power below 5000 RPM was substantially reduced. Power through the range of 6000 to 9000 RPM remained the same. WIth the above information, and the fact that RD400 pistons tend to come apart if RPM is sustained at 10,000, we do not recommend 34MM carburators, with the stock reeds, for low maintenance applications.

WIth the TZ reed conversion, 34MM carburators are the only way to go. With conservative throttle application (i.e. - not fully open) below 5000 RPM, this combination produced excellent low RPM response with terrific power increases from 6500 RPM up.

Air filters are supplied with carburators, along with throttle and oil injection cables.

Please note also that air filters that fit stock carburators will not fit the larger, more efficient intake bells of the 34MM carburators. (Back to Top.)

Part # 11351 - Fits RD350A,B '73-'75
Part # 11401 - Fits RD400 '76-'78, C,D,E
Part # 11411 - Fits RD400F '79 F (Daytona)
RD Carburetor Kits - 30MM Mikunis

When these specially jetted carburators are installed with Spec II chambers, the combination results in a whopping 26% increase in peak power over stock.

Install these 30MM carburators on an already Spec II modified and chamber-equipped RD engine, and you will note power increases of 12% in the peak (9000 RPM) and 16% in the midrange (5000-6000 RPM).

Carburator Kits include :

1. Custom-jetted carburators, right and left idle screws;
2. Custom manufactured cables;
3. K&N high-volume filters;
4. Complete instructions.

Please specify whether your engine is stock or modified when ordering. Please note also that air filters that fit stock carburators will not fit the larger, more efficient intake bells of the 30MM carburators. (Back to Top.)


Part # 11350 - Fits RD350
Part # 11400 - Fits RD400 '76-'78, C,D,E
Part # 11410 - Fits RD400F '79 F (Daytona)



Part # 11530 - Replacement Cables
Part # 11510 - Rubber Manifolds for 34 MM Carbs - TZ or RZ Reeds
Part # 11500 - Pair Of Aluminum Reed Spacers (Good With Large Reeds)
Part # 35700 - Main & Pilot Jets (Each)

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